Treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical extremity ishemia (CLI) TemREN is used to prepare the lesion area for balloon angioplasty and to relieve heavy plaque burden from atherosclerotic lesions. TemREN is usually made up of arteries that are difficult to treat with plaque burden by angioplasty and have chronic total occlusions and severe calcification lesions. TemREN helps to achieve maximal lumen diameter for stent and balloon procedures.

7F / 150cm


  • Ready to use set content provides a practical application option
  • No additional installation equipment required before the process
  • Rotation speed can be adjusted easily and provide safe space to surgeon
  • Atraumatic rotational distal tip allows reliable operation
  • Allows movement over 0.014” guidewire
  • TemREN transfers torque in the ratio of 1:1(distal/proximal) by the help of its flexible helical internal structure
  • Internal helix aspirates disintegrated atherosclerotic media by Archimedes Principle