VenaBlock offers a unique treatment for venous insufficiency. Treatment is simply delivering cyanoacrylate inside of disfunctioning vein segment (VSM, VSP or perforator veins) continuously while applying pressure over target vein segments.

Physician only needs USG guidance to perform the procedure in outpatient conditions within several minutes. VenaBlock brings advantages such as eliminating tumescent anesthesia, ease of use, shortening of the procedure time and prevention from complications such as burn marks, bruising, hematoma, numbness and pigmentation in thermal ablation methods.



Can be perform in outpatient conditions.

Non-tumescent procedure. Short procedure time.

Closure of the target vessel can be obtained in seconds.

No burn marks, skin pigmentation or lessions, numbness.

No need to use compression stocking after the procedure.

Patients can return daily routines and activities immediately.

VenaBLOCK MicroCatheter

Braided PTFE Catheter

Laser guided

High echogenity and better visibility under USG

Excellent pushability

Marked on every 2 cm